US, Somali forces kill Al-Shabaab commander responsible for multiple attacks, official says


US officials confirmed today that Somali forces have killed a senior commander of the militant group Al-Shabaab who was reportedly responsible for multiple attacks. The unnamed commander, who was not publicly identified, was killed in an operation near the Somali port town of Barawe.

A Somali military spokesperson stated that “the terrorist commander was a major threat to regional stability and responsible for multiple attacks. His death is a major victory for our forces and our people.” The operation was conducted in coordination with US forces, who provided intelligence and logistical support.

This latest operation follows a series of strikes against Al-Shabaab targets by US and Somali forces in recent months. These operations have been successful in weakening the terrorist group, and the killing of this senior commander is seen as a significant victory. In addition to military operations, Somali government forces have sought to cut off Al-Shabaab’s sources of funding and support in order to further disrupt the group’s activities.

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