At least 13 killed as fierce winds hit Argentina


At least 13 people have been killed in Argentina after heavy winds of up to 160 kilometers per hour (100 miles per hour) hit parts of the country.

According to authorities, most of the victims lived in the province of Buenos Aires and were killed when houses collapsed due to the winds.

The winds were so strong that they caused trees to be uprooted, power lines to be damaged and power cuts to be experienced in several neighbourhoods.

Some villages and towns in the countryside are also reported to have experienced damaged infrastructure.

The country’s authorities are currently working on the ground with volunteers in order to assess the damage. The government has urged people to stay away from affected areas and to stay indoors until repairs have been carried out.

The deaths from the windstorms are the latest in a streak of weather-related fatalities in Argentina this year. In April, several people were killed as hail storms and heavy rain hit the country.

The government has said that it will open an investigation into the windstorms and the deaths, and that it will work to provide the necessary support to the families of the victims.

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