Crypto Expert Chosen by Erdogan for Turkey’s Central Bank Board


The Turkish President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, recently appointed Prof. Musa Nur Yilmaz as one of the board members of the Central Bank of Turkey (CBRT). Prof. Yilmaz is an expert in cryptography and information systems, with a major in mathematics and a Ph.D. in cryptography from Istanbul Technical University.

He has over 20 years of experience in academia and research, having worked in positions such as R&D director and CEO of a major softwares and security consulting firm in Turkey. He has also been involved in several national and international R&D projects related to banking technologies, digital signatures, payments, e-commerce, digital airports, and more. He currently serves as a professor at Istanbul Technical University.

Prof. Yilmaz is a veteran in developing cutting-edge security solutions, having been involved in various projects with the Turkish military and in numerous initiatives with the Central Bank of Turkey itself. He served as the main advisor for the introduction of electronic signatures to Turkey’s banking system and also helped develop the OTP (one-time password) system that is currently in place in the banking sector across the country. Thus, Prof. Yilmaz’s addition to board of the Central Bank of Turkey is sure to contribute to the reform of the country’s financial services sector and aid in its efforts to maintain economic growth and security.

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