DeeLance is in the spotlight. What about its ICO (DLANCE)?

DeeLance is in the spotlight. What about its ICO (DLANCE)?

DeeLance is in the spotlight. What about its ICO (DLANCE)? 

Deelance is a new promising platform that offers freelancing and recruitment services. The company based its whole project on Web3. It will be a totally decentralized platform. The team believes that Deelance will redefine how freelance workers connect with potential employers or buyers.

The company launched its native utility token on March 20, 2023. The Deelance ICO sale will end on April 20, 2023. $DLANCE is very trending right now. Its total supply is 1,000,000,000, but DeeLance released only some percentage for ICO at this stage. The platform accepts ETH and USDT in exchange for DLANCE.

This project has a lot to recommend it. The team integrated NFTs and Metaverse into this project. As a result, it will enable buyers and sellers to experience the advanced features of Metaverse World and not only find new employees or employers but also profit by becoming part of the Defi markets.

However, the company’s main goal is to become the first among the Defi Freelancing platforms and revolutionize the traditional sector. The latter still attracts many users, but that’s only because of the lack of serious competition. Deelance aims to change that. It will offer high-quality service that will guarantee customer satisfaction.

The team will integrate Freelancing with the semantic web (web3) and the metaverse. Thanks to these innovative technologies, it will offer clients a completely user-centric decentralized experience unlike any they might have while using the traditional platforms. The company will also ensure that sellers and buyers have direct ownership of their work in an ecosystem. The latter is transparent, as well as secure, and efficient. Besides, DeeLance has very low fees. Customers can pay instantly by using cryptocurrencies.


How will the DeeLance platform work? 

The company believes that using Web3 for Freelancing will provide numerous opportunities. However, the first step to making its vision come true is to create an advanced platform. The company is working on a website that will be easy to use and boast modern tools and features.

While more and more people see the merit of working from home, those who want to work from home still have to overcome some obstacles. During the coronavirus pandemic, many companies moved to remote working schedules. But some of the converted back to the old model after the pandemic ended. Still, during that period, it became obvious that, in some cases, working remotely was better and more efficient. Besides, it means cutting some expenses and, thus, profiting more in the process.

Unfortunately, many freelancers experience roadblocks. They have to overcome many obstacles that may seriously affect their livelihood. Existing freelance platforms often prioritize accumulating profits instead of valuing their users. That’s not the right approach. That’s why DeeLance decided to utilize cutting-edge technology and use metaverse to bring prosperity to all customers.

The company will introduce a modern platform that will enable freelancers to connect easily with potential employers. Moreover, the team will ensure that both parties are trustworthy and have a high working ethic. The main point is that both employers and employees should be able to get what they need from the arrangement.

How will the DeeLance platform work? 

What about this project’s potential? 

DeeLance has strong potential. The freelancing industry has grown rapidly in recent years. According to new surveys, more than 65% of job holders prefer to work full-time remotely from their homes. Polls show that there is a big chance for the global gig economy to surpass $450 billion this year. Furthermore, some analysts think that the freelancing industry might exceed $12 billion over the next five years. Thanks to the DeeLance platform, businesses now have a great opportunity to expand their freelance networks as well as establish strong industry relationships.

The company will offer its customers flexible and cost-effective solutions. It will also aid small businesses as the latter find it especially helpful to hire freelancers for daily operations from all around the world. Besides, many professionals also prefer Freelancing, as it allows them to determine their working hours and manage their time better.

Countries like the United States, India, and Pakistan, have more freelance workers than others. And the number is steadily growing. Hence the need for the platforms such as DeeLance. It will enable freelancers to find the right companies to work for. And DeeLance platform also comes with other benefits, one of them being its ICO – DLANCE.

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