Famous Punk Rocker Backs Trump!

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Store Security Guards are Letting People Shoplift for Fear of Being Called Racist

President Trump has called on the Biden campaign to return to its scheduled debates, especially since the White House doctor has cleared Trump of being contagious in any manner.

A Punk Rock icon have freaked out the left with his backing of President Trump.  While many are surprised, why would they be?  An anti-establishment personality should be drawn to Trump and Johnny Rotten from the legendary band, the Sex Pistols, is just that.

For the first time in years the Senate seat of South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham is in jeopardy.  His opponent Jaime Harrison has just broken a record by raising $57 million in the 3rd quarter alone.



Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks to the press as he arrives at New Castle Airport in Wilmington, Delaware, on October 10, 2020. - Biden travels to Erie, Pennsylvania, for a campaign stop.

Biden Flat Out Lies – He Accuses Republicans of Doing Exactly What Democrats are Acting Out


Social Justice Stance Leading to ESPN Layoffs

Men from two opposing protest groups ...

Security Guard for TV Station in Custody After Shooting Protester 

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